GAIL pipeline project

“We could now say with confidence that the GAIL pipeline project in Kerala will be completed, a feat that was once considered impossible to achieve”. These words of CM Pinarayi Vijayan, which he made in the presence of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, elucidates the change that is happening in Kerala. We have cleared all obstacles and the project will be completed within the 1000 day anniversary of this Government.

The second phase of the project, Kochi – Mangalore and Kochi – Coimbatore – Bengaluru parts, got approval in January 2012. The project was marred with delays during the initial phases. Problems in obtaining right of way over land led to the cancellation of all contracts in 2014. The stalled project was again resuscitated in 2016 under the new Government. Till May 2016, the right of way was secured only for 80 km long part of the total 410 km long stretch between Kochi and Mangalore.

After June 2016, right of way was obtained for the remaining 330 km long portion. The laying of pipeline in 380 km long part was completed within 1000 days. The construction of all the 22 stations in the stretch was also completed during this period. The final touches will be made soon and project will be dedicated to nation.

The Coimbatore – Bengaluru line starts at Koottanad on the Kochi-Mangalore line. The Bangalore line covers 98 km in the State, and right of way for 80 km long this line was obtained during the last 1000 days. The Government was able to achieve this feat with its interventions to ensure rightful compensation for the land owners.