Tourism sector is a major contributor

The tourism sector is a major contributor to Kerala’s resurgence in the post floods period. The arrival of visitors from all over the world energised the sector. Government has also intensified the implementation of projects in the sector. A good example for this is the Malanad-Malabar River Cruise project. The project covers some of the major rivers in Northern Kerala; Valapattanam, Kuppam, Perumba, Kavvai, Anjarakandy and Mahe rivers in Kannur district are part of it; and in the Kasargod district, Thejaswini, Chandragiri rivers and the Valiyaparamba backwaters are included.

In the first phase, 17 boat terminals will be constructed. Tourism department has already given administrative sanction for works worth ₹50 crore. The Inland Navigation Department has been tasked with project activities. Tender process has been completed and works have been started in many places. The project, which will cost ₹325 crore, will be give a major push to the tourism sector. Efforts have also gone into attaining financial assistance of the Central government.

The project will curate and showcase the cultural specialities of the river banks of Northern Kerala. Muthappan Cruise, Theyyam Cruise and Kandal (mangrove) Cruise projects will be implemented in Valapattanam and Kuppai rivers. It will also be a platform to display Theyyam, Thira and the agricultural heritage of Malabar. The islands in these rivers will also be included the project.