Carbon Neutral Wayanad Project

CM said that an evaluation is required on the impact of climate change and other interventions on the environment of Wayanad. For a decade, both the South-West Monsoon & North-East Monsoon has been weak in the district. This year so far, the rainfall received was only a mere forty one percent of the normal. It has been established that climate change has contributed to the rainfall shortage and rise in temperature. Productivity of agricultural crops and agricultural practises are all being impacted.

It is commonly reckoned that the environmental problems in Wayanad are caused by human actions. In these circumstances, the district disaster management authority has taken some crucial steps towards disaster control and environmental conservation. It has imposed regulations on building constructions and ban on quarrying activities in identified fragile areas. Conversion of paddy fields has also played a role in compounding the problem. Considering the seriousness of the matter, Government has formulated the Carbon Neutral Wayanad project. The project was initiated in Meenangadi panchayat. Haritha Keralam Mission will also intensify its operations in the district.