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CM’s Interview on Malicious Campaign against Kerala

The left-ruled Kerala is in the news for wrong reasons. Ties between the state and Centre vitiated after the murder of a RSS leader in the state capital. The RSS upped the ante seeking President’s rule and the Centre rushed finance minister Arun Jaitley to the state. After visiting the house of the latest victim the union minister said the cold-blooded political murders in the state even shame terrorists. Amid the war of words between red and saffron forces Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan spoke to the Hindustan Times. Excerpts:

Q: Why Kerala is in headlines now?

It is part of an orchestrated and malicious campaign. RSS and BJP are not only tarnishing the government but also insulting people of Kerala. Any sensible person can see through their game. Statistics show Kerala is just contrary to what they are trying to depict. As per the NCRB statistics, Kerala is the State where murder rates are lowest. (more…)

Reimagining Kerala’s Industrial Landscape

One year on, LDF government has taken Kerala back onto the road of growth and development. A reimagined vision to achieve accelerated growth is underway and a change in the way business is conducted is conspicuous. With the government’s initiatives to revitalise core sectors of the economy already showing progress, the State is on the verge of an industrial boom period.

Kerala’s model for growth is not built upon a race to the bottom on pay, working condition and environmental consideration. Instead it involves an approach to development that focuses on innovation, inclusiveness and ‘greenness’. Quality education and healthcare available for all its inhabitants makes Kerala an unbeatable leader in human development in the country. Additionally, the State has constantly strived to foster talent among its workforce and the professionals from the State are globally valued. All this makes the Kerala an ideal place for industries to thrive. (more…)

Strengthening Law and Order

From day one of its inception, LDF government has taken measures to improve the law and order of the state. As a government policy, scientific methods are being used for crime investigation instead of torture methods. Curbing violence against women and children has become the top priority of the government. The law and order of any society is primarily kept intact in the well-being of a community. The government has taken steps to extend the successful community policing program, Janmaithry Stations, to all police stations.

Addressing Violence Against Women and Children

Safety of women has become an area of prime concern. The government has introduced Pink Patrol in six cities. Simultaneously, Pink Beat is also introduced in bus stands and junctions in some other cities. (more…)

Reviving Public Education

Education is an emancipating force in the society. Investment in education is a vital step in building a more inclusive society. Our government believes that if we are to make the most of the wealth of talent that exists in our state, we have to focus on reviving Public Education. The Left Democratic Front in government has ushered in real change and reform towards this end.

Protecting Public Education

Protecting and strengthening of Public Education is a necessary condition for making quality education affordable and accessible. A movement to protect Public Education was initiated and the campaign was then followed with actions to effect a revival in the domain. A striking example is the case of Malaparamba Aided Upper Primary School (MAUPS). Banking on a court order in their favour, the school management had claimed a loss and was fixed on closing it. (more…)

Fostering Cultural Diversity

Every activity or object to which meaning can be attributed is a part of culture. Culture is an ever transforming phenomena and it is not uniform throughout a society. Aspects and features of a culture will change over time due to internal and external factors. It is to be noted that not all aspects of any culture is to be preserved and promoted. For example, the caste system or the patriarchal aspects of our culture are not to be preserved or promoted. Government has an active role to play in promoting an egalitarian society based on our constitution.

Resistance through Culture

Globalistaion has made several cultures vulnerable to the assault of capitalism. At present, all over the world people are being subjected to an onslaught of ultra-conservative nationalism. Even in India there are persistent attempts to establish a single regressive monolithic culture. (more…)

Affirming Social Justice through Inclusive Governance

Kerala is unique among Indian states with its high levels of human development. Its Human Development Index is comparable to that of developed nations. But this was not always the case and at the onset of its journey Kerala was very much like any other province in the global south. sixty years of its existence is an unparalleled story of a people’s relentless pursuit of a development model that works for everyone. Independence did not extinguish the spirit of anti-colonial struggle in the state and the post-independence era was a time of radical changes. While the rest of the country slumbered into torpor, the social relations in the state were getting rewritten. An era of progress, both social and economical, lifted the majority of the state from their abject conditions of existence. This holds true to an extent even for the historically oppressed sections of the Indian society, the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

Compared to the rest of India, social welfare indicators of SCs and STs in Kerala are higher. It is even true that the indicator on quality of life of Scheduled Castes in Kerala is higher than that of the general quality of life indicator of north Indian states. These achievements are not accidental. Inclusivity in the policies pursued by the Left Governments in Kerala was always a key determinant that caused this change. But despite of all the good work and good will, our efforts have fallen short of creating a truly inclusive story. Lest we forget that the economic status of the Scheduled Castes lags behind the general category in the State. The social indicators. of the Schedule Tribes are also below the general standards. While the progress made in comparison to the national standards must be acknowledged, this can be no reason for respite. (more…)

Kerala, Scaling New Heights in Healthcare

Rarely we see a government sticking close to its manifesto and trying to implement almost all aspects of it within one year of its coming. The people friendly health policy laid down by first Kerala government under EMS has made significant contributions to the Kerala Model of Development, cutting down the mortality and morbidity rates of the population considerably. The trajectory set 60 years ago helped us achieving the health indices as high as those of the rich countries despite the low economic growth of India in general and Kerala in particular.

The LDF manifesto 2016 has broadly laid down the current government’s roadmap to governance. In the healthcare sector the 35 point pre-election manifesto the 21st and 22nd point is directly linked to healthcare. It talks about the need to review the staff pattern and double the number of doctors and nurses. Suggestions to efficiently use existing healthcare infra structure and building new ones to fill the gaps. Manifesto promised to bring facilities for Heart surgery and cath lab to the level of Taluk hospital and cancer check up facility at Taluk hospitals. On this first anniversary let us take a stock of what we had happened so far. (more…)

Making a Contribution in Pravasis’ Lives

Malayalis are the among the world’s most explorative people. They have traveled far and wide. 2.2 Million Malayalis are currently working abroad and among them some 90% are in the GCC countries. Though they have made the world their home, they remain Malayalis at heart. Their contribution to the development of the State is invaluable, and it is only fair that the State government must make a contribution in their lives too.

The Left Democratic Front in the state is committed to the welfare of Non Resident Keralites. The state budget of 2017 is a prime indicator of the Government’s earnestness. Rs. 0.61 Billion was allocated to NORKA, Kerala government’s entity for delivering services to Pravasi Malayalis. Another Rs. 0.13 Billion was allocated to Santhwana fund providing emergency compassionate help for pravasis in distress, and Rs. 60 Million was allocated to their welfare fund. Pravasi pension was increased four fold from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000. (more…)

Standing Up for Working Lives

May Day celebrates the working people of the world. It is also a day to remember the struggles the workers have gone through to build the world around us. The working people are the backbone of any economy, and it is only fair that the economy must work for them. The LDF Government in Kerala believes that Kerala only succeeds when working families succeed. This conviction inspires the policies and actions of the Government.

LDF government is completing its first year in office this month. In this one year it has taken a series of steps to improve the working life in the state. A comprehensive approach was commenced to improve all aspects of work. This involved revising wages, ameliorating working conditions, providing security to workers, instilling better practices, creating opportunities, investing on skills & talent, enforcing standards, updating rules and improving the business environment. (more…)

Taking development to Edamalakkudy

Walking the talk on inclusive development, the Left government in Kerala is taking development to the tribal hinterland of Kerala. Edamalakkudy in Idukki is the sole tribal village panchayat in Kerala. The tribes there belong to the Muthuvan gothra. The area has known no development mainly because no roads lead to this place where 2400 people live in some 26 settlements known as a kudi. Hence, they lack other basic amenities like health centre, electricity, telecom facilities as well. The Kerala government is planning for a comprehensive development project to improve the lives of the residents there.

The 26 kudis (settlements) in Edamalakkudy are spread inside the deep forest with no road access. Even the closest kudis are separated by many kilometers. The people of Edamalakkudy have to travel great distances even for official needs. The panchayat office which is now several kilometers away from the village will be relocated to the area. (more…)