Free handloom uniform distribution for government students

Chief Minister PinarayiVijayan said that the scheme to distribute free handloom uniformsto school children will help to alleviate the misery of traditional handloom workers. He was speaking at the inauguration of one of the major achievements of the government’s first year in office – the scheme to distribute free handloom uniforms. The scheme intends to provide uniforms to children and help the workers of traditional handloom industry that has deteriorated due to many reasons.

Even though the government grants money to students up to the eighth standard to purchase two pairs of uniforms, it has not been able to manufacture cloth for providing to that many children. Therefore uniforms can be distributed at present to only L.P. school students. Rest of the students will be given money to buy uniforms. Handloom production will be increased, so as to enable distribution of uniforms to all students from next year onwards.

The implementation of the scheme created nearly 2 lakh labour days for around 8000 workers in the handloom sector. The required cloth was collected from 233 handloom cooperative societies in districts, except Pathanamthitta. 43 quality inspectors were appointed to ensure the quality standards of thread and cloth. Up to Rs. 4000 was given as aid for maintenance of the looms. The daily income of the workers which used to be under Rs. 150 soared to between Rs. 450 and 600.