Last Update:11-04-2016
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Sabari railway line: Approval for new alignment

sabariThiruvananthapuram 14-05-2013: It has been decided to give approval for the new alignment of Sabari railway line from Mellappara to Erumeli. The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by CM to discuss the same.

171 hectare land needs to be acquired and only three shops and 109 houses needs to be demolished as per the new alignment, whereas 854 homes needs to be demolished as per the earlier alignment . Another advantage of the new alignment is that 20kms is reduced. Three new railway stations are indicated at Pala, Bharananganam, Kanjirapally and Erumeli in the new blue print.

Ministers KM Mani, Aryadan Muhammed, Adoor Prakash, Jose K Mani MP , MLAS and others were present.

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