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CM inaugurates Sruthi Tharangam

FREE_COCLEAR_IMPLANTATIONKozhikode 30-04-2012:  Children with hearing impairment will be offered cochlear implant surgery free of cost, said CM. Those children referred by doctors, who are liable to get back hearing and speech capabilities would get the benefit. He said this while inaugurating ‘Sruthi Tharangam', a free cochlear implantation programme conducted by the Department of Social Welfare.

The Mission has decided to conduct operation to200 children below the age group of two per year. From now on no such restriction will be imposed, said CM. Money will in no way be a constrain for this. Even if the age limit has been crossed operations would be conducted free of cost if the patient is sure to overcome the impairment.

It has been proven that this operation is a success. This impairment can be detected during birth itself. For detecting this impairment Auto Acoustic Emission machine will be placed in those hospitals where birth occurs most, said CM. OAE certificate will also be given along with the birth certificate. Auditory Verbal Therapy after the operation is inevitable for these children. Parents and teachers will be given special training regarding this.

Cochlear implantation was one of the points “Development and Care” message of the Government. No Government can go forward without active involvement in health sector. Problems related with health and treatment of diseases is one of the burning problems that the people in the state face.  Health department and Social Security Mission will jointly organize projects for this. More such projects will be announced as part of the first anniversary celebration of this Government, said CM.

Minister V S Sivakumar who was present said that the Cochlear implantation facility would be set up in Trivandrum Medical College this year itself. At present Kozhikode Medical College is having this facility. This facility would be extended to other medical colleges next yea itself. Minister M K Muneer presided over the function.

CM also inaugurated the Website of Sruthi Tharangam project ( intended for registration of such cases. CM also gave mementos to doctors who lead the operations.

K J Yesudas and Apex School chairman A Alikoya contributed Rs 1 lakh each towards this project.

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