Last Update:29-04-2016
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Vision 2030 Idea Box


Suggestions and ideas from enlightened Keralites sought for envisaging comprehensive development plan of Kerala-VISION 2030

The UDF Government is guided by clear concepts for the development of the State in the next two decades. Foremost among them is the strengthening of democratic process in the State through transparency in governance to ensure cent percent public participation. Inclusive development is the motto, without leaving the poor and the deprived in the lurch, ensuring rehabilitation, basic amenities and employment.

In a democratic country all citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Keeping this in mind public can send their suggestions, ideas, views etc. for the development of Kerala so as to envisage its vision for 2030. This online platform intends to ensure the participation of all Keralites for arriving comprehensive development plan for Kerala.

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