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Karnatic music classes of Kerala Kalamandalam start at Thapasya

kerala_kalamandalamThiruvananthapuram 20-08-2014: Karnatic music classes of Kerala Kalamandalam deemed University has started at Thapasya. CM who inaugurated the classes opined that such study classes would help to preserve the value of traditional art forms.

This is one of the five art study classes that Kalamandalam is starting in the district. Minister KC Jospeh who presided over the function said that these classes are a forerunner for placing sub centers of Kalamandalam Deemed University. Minster VS Sivakumar and others were also present.

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Binani Zinc to resume its function

binaniThiruvananthapuram 20-08-2014: The Binani Zinc limited at Kochi will resume its function from next month. The decision was taken at a meeting chaired by CM. The company had suspended its function for the past few months due to various reasons. CM assured that the issue pertaining to the land purchased by the company for captive electricity plant will be resolved by carrying out discussion with revenue department. The company representatives said that due to the increase in electricity charges the company is facing financial difficulty. There is an additional burden of Rs 7 crores apart from the present 30 crores due to the hike in tariff. CM said that in the present circumstance of it would be checked whether it is possible to avoid the maximum demand charge during the months the company suspended its work.

Ministers PK Kunhalikutty, Aryadan Muhammad, VK Ibrahim Kunju and others were present.

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Cabinet Decisions 20-08-2014

 Plus-Two: Government to go for appeal

The Cabinet has decided to go for appeal regarding the verdict of the High Court. The allegation that the verdict of the court is a blow to the Government is baseless. The court pointed out that, other than the list finalized by the Director for Higher Secondary Education, it could not understand the need for additional batches and schools from the file submitted to the court by the government. In fact, the court in its earlier order on the Plus Two issue had indicated that the government may go for additional batches and schools, if needed. The government by going for an appeal will try to substantiate its stand on new batches and schools, based on this 'need-based' approach. In the wake of the High Court order, there has been widespread doubt regarding the schools that can be approached for seeking admission to Plus-One courses. To clear the air, the government has asked the Director of Higher Secondary Education to put up the list of schools eligible for giving admission in the website by today itself.

One-time settlement package for Wayanad extended till 31-10-2014

The previous government had introduced a one-time settlement package for those in Wayanad district who took loan from Housing Board, owing to losses in agriculture crops and damages from flood. As per the package the cumulative interest on the loans was written off. The package got expired on 30-06-2014. Recently, on the basis of representation from the people of Wayanad district the government has decided to extend the date of one-time settlement to 31-10-2014.

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Encouragement for concept of Green Buildings

green_buildingThiruvananthapuram 20-08-2014: CM has said that Government would encourage the concept of Green Buildings and that it would consider giving relaxation to such buildings. He was speaking after inaugurating the awarenss programme on Concept of Green Buildings here today jointly organized by KINFRA, Confederation of Indian Industry, and Indian Green Building Council. In order to encourage such construction, KINFRA has started construction of buildings in Kochi and Palakkad having 1.5 lakh sqft and 1 lakh sqft area.

State is witnessing obstruction in the construction sector due to non availability of building materials and high cost. Improper usage of construction materials, water and electricity is also posing challenges. CM reminded that if development is the need of today then environment protection can in no way be avoided.

Minster PK Kunhalikutty and others were also present.

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Sadbhavana Diwas: CM administers oath

sadbhavanaThiruvananthapuram 20-08-2014: CM today administered oath in connection with Sadbhavana Diwas to the staff of secretariat. The function was held in the Durbar Hall. Chief Secretary and other officials also participated in the function.

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Sadbhavana divas Oath

sathbhavana oath

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CM inaugurates academic building of Malayalam University

ezhuthcahnMalappuram 19-08-2014: CM said that a permanent campus for Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University will soon be constructed. He was inaugurating the new academic block at Vakadu Aksharam Campus. Steps will be expedited for the construction of a permanent campus. CM also unveiled the logo of the University.

The new building is constructed at a cost of RS 2.30 cores. There are 18 classrooms for MA courses in the new building. Seminar hall can accommodate 300 persons. Media lab has also been set up in the new building for Media and diploma students.

Minister PK Abdurabb who presided over the function inaugurated the new courses. MLAs and others were present at the function.

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1129 acres of land at Wayand will be given to Scheduled Tribe families

wayanad 1
Wayanad 19-08-2014: CM has said that the 1129 acres of land with Forest Department in wayand will be handed over to ST families. He was speaking after inaugurating the project “Aasikkunna Bhoomi Aadivasikalku Swantham” here today. Under this project upto Rs 10 lakhs will be given to ST families who are landless for buying land. It’s the promise of the Government that all the ST families in the State should get land and house of their own and the Government is committed to do the same. It was when AK Antony was the CM of Kerala that the Government took up this responsibility and the Government bought land at Aralam Farm for an amount of Rs 40 crore and distributed to ST families. In the coming two years 29,000 families will get home out of which 20,000 will be given this year itself. It is scheduled to give a start to this project this October. The houses will be constructed giving no space for any corruption by creating committees as per charitable society act. CM said that in many panchayaths the societies have already been registered. Minister PK Jayalakshmi presided over the function. MI Shanavas distributed the keys of houses built as per PVDG Project.

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Join us & get addicted to life

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CM lays foundation stone for Kochi Cancer Institute

mmchKochi 18-08-2014: Cm today laid the foundation stone for Cancer Hospital and Research Institute that is to be constructed adjacent to Kochi Medical College. CM said that this institute is the result of the pressure that was exerted continuously on the Government by persons from social and political strata.

The Cancer institute will be a world class one that gives equal prominence to treatment as well as studies. Government aims to provide maximum support to cancer patients. CM added that the project that gives free treatment to cancer patients as said in the Independence Day speech will be started on October 2nd. Dr PV Gangadharan’s service who is the special officer of the institute will be an asset to the development of the institute, said the CM.

Government has taken up Cooperative Medical College. Steps will be taken to start cardiology section very soon in Kochi Medical College. CM also said that steps will be taken to allot land for construction of bus stop on the backdrop of the development process like that of Cancer institute.

Ministers VK Ibrahim kunju, VS Sivakumar, K Babu, Anoop Jacob, Justice VR Krishnayyar, MPs , MLAs and others were also present.

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Salary will be ensured for nurses who return

18-08-2014 kerala kaumudi

18-08-2014, Kerala kaumudi

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260 crore for KSRTC to buy buses

18-08-2014 MATHRUBHUMI


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Sastri Youth Agro Mission Project gets the start


18-08-2014 MANORAMA

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Details of Five projects announced by CM on Independence Day

1.      Cancer treatment in government hospitals will be made free and will be extended to more places. Special section will be formed for treatment of cancer in all district hospitals. This will be implemented in the name Sukurtham. Fund for the same will be raised through public- private partnership.

Creating awareness among people regarding cancer, developing system for early detection of cancer through field works are also part of the project. The fund for this will be found through arranging a system where mobile users donate a sum and by receiving donations from corporate, companies and from wealthy persons.

Kerala is a stat where there are lot of cancer patients. At present there are 2.5 lakh cancer patients. Each year 55,000 persosn are affected by cancer. But we have only one cancer centre each at Thiruvananthapuram and Talassery. Each district has got around 2000 to 2500 cancer patients who need treatment.

2.      25,000 houses will be constructed in the next five years for poor people. These will be constructed using CSR and subsidy of State Government. Rs 3 lakh is the expected cost of each house.

A total of R s750 crore is needed for this. 250 crores will be government share and the rest from CSR and through donations. Corporates should spend 2% of their profit towards CSR. Manu of the Industries, IT companies, Banks and Oil companies have come forward showing their willingness.

3.      Free modern technology like mobile applications and free laptops will be provided for the students free of cost who are visually impaired studying in Colleges and Universities in the state. Interactive web portals will be started and government web portals will be modified accordingly. Encouragement will be given for developing assistive technology for people with vision impairment.

The aim is to utilize technology to strengthen such students for acquiring education, job and research and to bring them to the main frame by implementing such ideas in educational institutions. The project will be implemented by Science and Technology department, Social justice department and education department. Modern technology has been provided in 5 colleges, 50 high schools, 25 higher secondary schools, 50 akshaya kendras.

4.      An extensive project will soon be started which would make all people in the state e-literate in the next three years. This will be implemented through Akshya project. This will enable people to get government services more effectively.


6.      As part of giving good food at reduced price to people meals will be provided to people at reduced rate at different places in Trivandrum . Later it will be extended to other places as well.

5 Chapatthis and Veg curry will cost Rs 20 , whiel you will get 5 chappathis and egg curry for Rs 22 and chicken curry for Rs30. Basic facilities will be provided in jails to prepare foods. Incentives will be given to jail officials who participate in preparation of chapattis.

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68th Independence Day: CM unfurls National Flag


Thiruvananthapuram 15-08-2014: The 68th Independence Day celebration began here at the Central Stadium with the CM unfurling the national flag and taking the salute of the parade.

The Independence Day programme began at 8.30 a.m. with CM hoisting the National Flag at the stadium. Subsequently he inspected the guard of honour and accepted the salute from the marching contingents of the Kerala Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, NCC cadets, Scouts and Guides and from the Student Police Cadets. The CM gave Independence Day message to the public.

He also gave away the President’s police medals and medals for other meritorious service. He also distributed the CM’s Police medals, Fire and Rescue medals, Prison medals, Forest medals, Excise medals and Transport medals at the function.

Later, 500-odd students from various schools in Thiruvananthapuram rendered patriotic songs.

CM's Speech


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CM's independence day speech

cm's independence day speech-PDF

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cm's messege on 68 th independence day

cm's messege on 68 th independence day

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independence day art on gandiji

independence day art on gandiji -PDF

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Land acqusition: Land will be found for places of worship

14-08 deepika

14-08-2014, Deepika

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Vision 2030: Article

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