Infrastructure is the backbone of industrial development and quick and convenient transportation system is an absolute necessity for a modern society. We are on an overdrive to complete our infrastructural projects, particularly Kannur Airport, Kochi Metro, Light Metro at Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikkode and Kochi Water Metro. Kannur Airport is set to become the biggest airport of India once it is operational in April 2017. As Kerala has a long coastline and numerous inland water bodies like rivers and lakes, the construction of Kochi Water Metro has been initiated as part of the development of the water transport sector which is waste free and less accident prone. Light Metro is our effort to reduce traffic congestions and pollution in our cities. Efforts are on to develop our National Highways maintaining international standards, with a width of 45 metres as well. The renovation of our state’s district roads as well as rural roads along with the smart road project will also be implemented without delay.