Letter to Union Minister of Rural Development

Dear Sri. Chaudhary Birender Singhji,

The State of Kerala has been sanctioned a road length of 789 km under New Connectivity and 2,923 km under upgradation. However, it is obvious that considering the rural road network in the State and the intensity of population in the Rural Areas, the State has lost heavily in terms of road length in kilometers. While preparing the core network under PMSGY a decade ago, there was some misunderstanding regarding the terms Through Route and Link Route.

The target for upgradation under PMGSY has been made by the Ministry of Rural Development based on the Core network. Though the State has huge through routes network (though it was wrongly reported earlier), the State did not receive its due share. This has further impacted the States PMGSY-II target as the target for PMGSY-II was fixed in relation to 20-50% of PMGSY target and accordingly States entitlement has been fixed at 570 km only under PMGSY-II. This matter was taken up with MoRD and the State was assured that the target would be revised soon. Hence I request to enhance the target of road length from 570 km to at least 2000 km considering the substantial loss of its share in PMGSY as has been assured by MoRD earlier.

Regarding PMGSY-II, the State has submitted a proposal for upgradation of 105 road works measuring 417.79 km, amounting to Rs. 425.71 crore; the Inter-Ministerial Empowered Committee in its meeting held on 2nd March, 2016 had considered and recommended the proposals for sanction. It is learnt that though the State has complied with most of the observations of the EC, the formal sanction has not yet been issued. Since the period of working seasons in the State is less due to prolonged monsoon, season any delay in sanctioning of this proposal would adversely affect the completion and resulting the cost overrun and causing an additional burden on States exchequer.

In view of the above, I request MoRD to immediately sanction the above proposal to enable the out of 570 kms sanctioned, proposal for 419 kms worth Rs. 425 Cr. Is pending clearance from the MoRD. Project for 151 km roads and 8 bridges, estimated amount of Rs. 275 crore will be submitted to the MoRD this year itself. Thus, the total expected cost comes around Rs. 700 Cr. (Rs. 425 Cr. Pending clearance of MoRD for 419 km and Rs. 275 Cr. for the balance proposal of the State). But allocation for the current year is only Rs. 300 crore including State share. Considering the need of the State, this allocation may be enhanced to Rs. 700 crore.

Yours sincerely,

Pinarayi Vijayan

Shri. Chaudhary Birender Singh,
Minister for Rural Development,
Government of India.