Letter to Union Minister of Defence

Dear Sri. Manohar Parrikar,

The Port Blair bound AN 32 aircraft of Indian Airforce from Tambaram that has gone off the radar since 22/07/2016 morning is feared to have officers of various forces hailing from Kerala on board. It is our responsibility to provide information to the families of those brave soldiers of India who were on board that flight. Every minute of delay in officially confirming the status of the flight is adding to the agony of these families, and delaying the help that could enable them to cope with the problem.

Hence I request you to direct the concerned officers to share the names and address of the soldiers hailing from Kerala, who were onboard, the flight to Port Blair with my office urgently.

Yours sincerely,

Pinarayi Vijayan

Sri. Manohar Parrikar
Hon’ble Union Minister for Defence,
Government of India.