New Sharjah Indian School

It gives me immense pleasure to associate myself with the inauguration of New Sharjah Indian School.

I am delighted to note that this is an occasion that marks the growth of Indian Association Sharjah which already runs a school in an excellent manner. The new school which is christened as New Sharjah Indian School will cater to the educational aspirations of a fresh set of 6000 students, in a highly student friendly atmosphere.

Indian Association of Sharjah which upholds the high values of universal brotherhood as per the concept of ‘Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu’, is scaling new heights in the field of education and playing a pivotal role in the social life of the Indian community settled in Sharjah.

The association has been instrumental in taking new generations to the higher level of excellent academic standards, and in equipping them with all sorts of modern knowledge that suits the needs of the third millennium.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the governing committee of the association, and teaching fraternity for having arranged all the modern facilities for ushering in a new dawn of knowledge, through the path of truth, values and righteousness.

New Sharjah Indian School will emerge as a symbol of the cordial relationship that exists between India and Sharjah. When the school emerges as a premier education institution it will truly reflect the aspirations of both the people. I hope the school will have a mindset which focuses on building the character of its students, and on creating a scientific temper in their outlook.

Imparting knowledge is undoubtedly an important aspect of the culture of any educational institutions. Adhering strictly to that concept, Indian School should maintain a consistent record of academic excellence which reflects the seriousness with which the academic process is addressed.

Education is much more than mere transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the student. It becomes meaningful only when it creates a value system in which knowledge is received and assimilated. Its importance is in providing the moral and ethical bearings to assess and appreciate the developments of life, and to enable the students to tide over the crises that confront us in the course of our life.

Respect for diverging views is a vital part of education in a society with such a rich variety of ours. It is in the formative years that values of secularism and social justice should be inculcated.

All round development of personality is a distinguishing feature of social education. This is reflected in encouragement to participate in sports and in artistic and cultural activities. The sense of healthy competition, fair play, goodwill, and teamwork which is generated by such endeavors will stand students well in the years ahead. By these activities one develops the fortitude to deal with adversity and humility with which one can move to success. I hope, the association will definitely strive to accomplish the noble cause of education not only within the four walls of the institution, but in the minds of the students also.

The association registered with NORKA Roots, is working in close liaison with the consulate general of India, Dubai and the Embassy of India Abudhabi. It has helped thousands of poor workers whenever they are in dire need of solace. It was evident at the time of Amnesty, declared by the Government of UAE. You have successfully intervened in dispute of employees with their companies and amicably settled their problems.

Even when you remain part and parcel of the socio-cultural life here, you hold the original ethos of Indian Culture close to your hearts.

I am sure, hundreds of thousands of students will emerge from this school in flying colors in the times to come.

With these words I declare that the school is inaugurated.

Thank you….