Let us make a Green Kerala

The Haritha Keralam Mission, one of the flagship projects of government of Kerala, has been dedicated to the people. The sole aim of this project is to make A Nava Kerala (A new Kerala). In every local self government body in Kerala, at least one development activity was initiated in areas such as cleanliness, water conservation, agricultural development and environmental protection. Various developmental activities started at schools and other institutions. People from all walks of life, from children to noted people, took part in these activities throughout Kerala.

Our state has been gifted with Nature’s plenty. At the national level, ours is the best human resource power. So is the survival index. Unfortunately, the fast paced changing life style and rising consumerism have derailed the normal state of human life as well as that of the nature. Greenery has been cut short to a dangerous level. With this, we cannot confront grave situations like climate variations. Nor can we go ahead with memorising “good old days”. It is the responsibility of the society to retain the benefits we have reaped and to materialise the needs called for by the new age.

So it is a Great Mission. With this purpose in mind, the Government have introduced the Haritha Keralam Mission. The mission has been realised with the purpose of handing over state with all its unpolluted qualities and virtues to generations yet to come. Pollution (air, water and solid) makes our soil and water toxic. Infectious diseases, harmful bacteria and viruses must not conquer the health of the people and our soil. Once, we started the Total Literacy Programme and it was an immense success. Just like that we have started another great mission to regain the lost qualities of our air, soil and water.

But, the government is convinced that the mission is not as simple as we think. The environment has been under exploitation for a long time. What has been done to the Nature is unscientific and absolutely wrong. In order to regain what is lost, we must have an intervention which is wide and warrants immense foresight. First, we must be aware of the strength and weaknesses of our land. Then we must evaluate the areas in which priority must be given.

Waste management, organic farming, vegetable cultivation in the courtyard, making Kerala pesticide free, preserving the fast losing forest wealth and water etc need urgent attention. These must be implemented in priority based. And, the implementation should be suitable for the nature of that particular area. The Haritha Keralam Mission will function as a supportive system that will help to implement these activities.

Waste management needs urgent attention. Waste accumulation is the result of fast progressing urbanisation. Cities are centres of plastic wastes and e – wastes. So there must be scientific and safe management system in both urban and rural areas.

Water pollution is another area of grave concern. Kerala is blessed with abundant rainy seasons. But now the situation is scary. Rivers and ponds are getting polluted and vanishing fast! Recently, we have got less rain and most of the water is flowing to the seas. Sand mining from rivers is also a big threat. So Haritha Keralam mission will give due importance to water conservation and protecting water
sources from getting polluted. Rain water harvesting will be encouraged.

There are many historical and social reasons for our backwardness in Agriculture. Edible crops must be cultivated by safeguarding food security. Organic farming must be encouraged. Paddy cultivation must be increased. If we are able to cultivate at least one crop in our courtyard, it will be the greatest sign of philanthropy.

Another area of concern is forest wealth. We must protect our forests. It is not only the protection of the forests but also that of the people dwelling there. Along with this, our tourism sector must be uplifted to an eco friendly, responsible one.

As part of Haritha Keralam Mission, there will be various missions from state level to local self governing bodies. In order to help these missions, there will be officials and experts. For achieving the desired result, we must study the problems from the bottom level. Each area is different. So intervention to these areas will also be different.

The success of the mission mainly depends on the factor of its public relations. There must be wide publicity campaigns at schools, colleges etc. The mindset of the students will be different provided all the schools and college campuses are “Green Campuses”. The Kudumbashree will also play a key part in making the mission a great success.

We must create an ambience of practical publicity campaign. It will include everyone. From the state Government to every individual. Only a society which is thinking about nature can think about future generations. Let us become such a society. And, let’s together sow the seeds of virtue.