Kerala Science Congress

President of the function Shri. Mathew T Thomas, Minister for Water Resources, Bharat Ratna Prof. C N R Rao, Shri. Anto Antony, Member of Parliament, other distinguished guests, researchers, students and dear friends.

I am delighted to be here with eminent scientists like Prof. Rao and the scientific and academic fraternity of the state, especially the young budding student community.

Kerala Science Congress, is the largest gathering of scientists and academicians and industrialists of the state. I am happy to note that this science congress is being held continuously for the past 28 years, without any gap. Here in the science congress I am aware that, hundreds of researchers and students share their research findings and all these deliberations are well discussed. It is a matter of happiness and pride. I would like to place on record my personal appreciation to the researchers and students who have come here to be a part of the discussions and deliberations.

Kerala is a model for all other states of the country for science research. The Kerala state council for science, technology and environment is the most prominent council in the country which is implementing various science research schemes for the benefit of the state. There are programmes tailor made for school students and academicians, even retired scientists. We have several research and development organizations that cater to the needs and requirements of the state. All these institutions are expected to contribute to the developmental activities of the state. We have high expectations about all these centers. The government is also planning to revise the existing science policy in such a way that it suits the requirement of the state.

On one hand, we need to ensure the adequate and efficient utilization of human resources and on the other we need to ensure means for its development. Utilization of our natural resources are equally important. The Government is of the view that the utilization of natural resources available locally is to be done without causing damage to the environment. Science & technology interventions which utilize resources without any harm to the environment is to be promoted. The environment must be protected, but at the same time developmental activities should also be carried out. This is our government’s policy.

As informed and educated people, we should not give in to superstitions. Unfortunately, superstitions are still promoted in our society. The revolution in science and technology should be able to decrease the influence of superstitions on our society and I hope that the scientific community will intervene in such issues.

It is imperative to strengthen research in basic sciences. Simultaneously, developments appearing globally should be adopted with appropriate alterations to suit the needs and requirements of our issues. The Science & Technology council and the Research & Development centers should take appropriate steps for this.

The Government is committed to honour our scientists and to promote science & technology initiatives. It is precisely why the government is supporting the Science & Technology Council and its activities at large, which is reflected in the plan allocation.

I am fully seized of the need for adequate social security measures for those working in the areas of science and technology. We need to ensure that some of the earlier initiated programmes are implemented properly. Our Government will take effective steps in this regard.

How can science & technology address the day to day issues we face? How can we ensure the intervention of the research and developmental institutions in addressing them? We have to review them in our proceedings. A social auditing system which monitors the activities of these institutions will make them more responsive to the needs of our people.

I hope that this gathering will be able to address many serious issues pertaining to the state of Kerala. I appreciate the organisers for bringing together eminent scientists, researchers, students and organisations for initiating a fruitful scientific discussion in this direction. I request you all to contribute to the development of our state and country.

It is my privilege to inaugurate this event, which is being organized for the first time in Pathanamthitta district. I declare the 29th Kerala Science Congress open.

Thank you.