Press Release:13-07-2020

Kerala Covid-19 Tracker: 449 new cases & 162 recoveries today, total 4,028 patients under treatment
Seven new hotspots, total 223

449 new active cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Kerala today while 162 patients under treatment for the same have recovered. Giving details, Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan said the situation today is similar to the last few days. Of the cases detected today, 140 are those who came back from abroad, 64 have arrived from other states and 144 are infected through contact. There are 18 cases where the source of infection is unknown. He also condoled the deaths of Thyagarajan, a 74-year-old in Kollam district and Aisha, a 64-year-old in Kannur district.

The district-wise figures of those who tested positive are 119 from Alappuzha, 63 in Thiruvananthapuram, 47 each from Pathanamthitta and Malappuram, 44 from Kannur, 33 in Kollam, 19 from Palakkad, 16 in Kozhikode, 15 from Ernakulam. 14 in Wayanad, 10 from Kottayam, nine each in Thrissur and Kasargod, and four from Idukki.

57 persons in Thiruvananthapuram district, 20 each from Kollam and Malappuram districts, 14 in Pathanamthitta district, nine from Kannur district, eight in Kozhikode district and five each from Alappuzha and Ernakulam districts, three in Kottayam district, two from Thrissur district and one in Idukki district, are those infected through contact.

Five health workers were also infected, two in Thiruvananthapuram district and one each in Malappuram, Kozhikode and Kasargod districts. In addition, 77 ITBP personnel in Alappuzha district, 10 DSC jawans and four fire force employees in Kannur district, and a BSF personnel and three KSE employees in Thrissur district were also infected.

28 patients from Malappuram district, 25 in Palakkad district, 20 from Kannur district, 16 in Wayanad district, 14 from Thrissur district, 12 each in Kottayam and Ernakulam districts, 10 from Kollam district, eight in Kozhikode district, seven from Alappuzha district, five in Kasaragod district, three from Thiruvananthapuram district and two in Pathanamthitta district are those whose test results were negative today.

Presently, 4,028 patients are undergoing treatment and so far, 4,259 patients have been cured of Coronavirus.

A total of 1,80,594 people are now under observation in various districts of the state. Of these, 1,76,218 are in home or institutional quarantine and 4,376 are in hospitals. 713 persons were admitted to the hospital today, the highest till date.

During the last 24 hours, 12,230 samples were tested. A total of 4,16,282 samples have been sent for testing so far, and out of these, the results of 5,407 samples are awaited. In addition, as part of Sentinel Surveillance, 74,676 samples were collected from high-risk groups and 78,002 samples were negative.

Seven new places were declared as hotspots and six were excluded. Now, there are 223 hotspots in the State.

Kerala performs well on indicators of containing Covid outbreak: CM
Kerala Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today informed that the State has maintained good performance on containing the spread of the outbreak. Briefing the media, he said the State’s Covid preventive measures were successful and the model adopted by Kerala has been effective, He also gave details about four indicators where the State has performed well, that is in mortality rate, disease spread, testing and recovery.

Kerala presently has a case fatality rate (deaths per 100 positive cases) of 0.39% as compared to the national average of 2.67% and the world average of 4.38%. The neighbouring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have much higher rates. The number of deaths per million in Kerala is 0.9 as against the national figure of 17.

“These figures are a testimony to the fact that we have been able to prevent Covid deaths in a very good way. These figures are not meant to prove anything. Rather, it is to expose the false propaganda that some centres are deliberately making about the Covid defence activities in Kerala. When it comes to testing, the government’s policy is to increase the number of tests,” the Chief Minister said.

Kerala has a test positivity rate (positive cases per 100 tests) of 2.27 which is comparable to world figures. The average test positivity rate in India is 7.46 and it’s much higher in neighbouring states.

Similarly, the test per million versus case per million is an indicator of how many tests are being done in proportion to a positive case. It is advisable to keep it above 50. In Kerala, the test per million vs case per million is now 44. In the case of a high number of positive cases, the number of tests will be increased and the number will be increased to 50 immediately.

“Our figure is way better than other States and the national figure of 13. We are ahead in conducting tests. Our state is at the forefront of preventing outbreaks, controlling mortality and conducting adequate tests, that is why we have been able to get worldwide recognition for the Covid preventive measures. The government and health workers are working together to maintain it”, he added.

Kerala prepares special action plan to contain spread in coastal areas
Chief Minister informed that triple lockdown has been implemented in coastal areas to contain the spread of the pandemic. He also announced that a special action plan has been prepared to prevent the spread of the disease in coastal areas.

Currently, there are 51 clusters including two large community clusters in the state. Intensive efforts are being made to detect contact and infection in these areas. The reverse quarantine and awareness drive is also being implemented. An integrated programme of establishing First-line Treatment Centers, seeking the cooperation of leaders of various sections of the society and public, and providing the best quarantine facilities have been worked out.

“If the rate of increase in the number of patients continues to rise, we will have a hard time. The need for ICUs, ventilators and other facilities may increase as those who need reverse quarantine become more susceptible to infection. The health department is making the arrangements with the support of all departments, including Disaster Management and Police”, he said.

KEAM entrance exams as scheduled

The Chief Minister also announced that the Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical (KEAM) entrance examinations would be held as scheduled. Special test centres are being opened in hotspots/containment zones so that student in those areas can take the entrance exam without going out. Special arrangements will be made for those students in quarantine or those coming from red zones.