Press Release:24-07-2020

968 recoveries & 885 new cases today, total 9,371 patients under treatment
38 new hotspots, total 453

885 new active Covid-19 cases were confirmed in Kerala today while 968 patients were cured of the disease. Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan said the total count of confirmed cases in the State is 16,995. Of those diagnosed today, 724 are contact cases and the source of infection is unknown in 56 cases. 64 have arrived from overseas and 68 from other states. 24 healthcare workers were also infected. The Chief Minister also condoled four Covid deaths in the State.
The deceased have been identified as Murugan (46) of Thiruvananthapuram district, Khairunnisa (48) and Madhavan (68) from Kasaragod district and Mariamma (85) of Alappuzha district.
167 persons from Thiruvananthapuram district, 133 in Kollam district, 106 from Kasaragod district, 82 in Kozhikode district, 69 from Ernakulam district, 58 each in Palakkad and Malappuram districts, 50 from Kottayam district, 44 in Alappuzha district, 33 from Thrissur district, 29 in Idukki district, 23 from Pathanamthitta district, 18 in Kannur district and 15 from Wayanad district are those who tested positive for Coronavirus infection.
Those infected through contact are 156 in Thiruvananthapuram district, 123 from Kollam district, 97 in Kasaragod district, 78 from Kozhikode district, 60 in Ernakulam district, 47 from Kottayam district, 33 in Alappuzha district, 35 in Palakkad district, 33 from Malappuram district, 24 in Idukki district, 20 from Thrissur district, 13 in Pathanamthitta district, four from Wayanad district and one in Kannur district.
The infected health workers are 10 in Kannur district, five from Thiruvananthapuram district, three in Malappuram district, two from Wayanad district and one each in Kollam, Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Kasaragod districts. In addition, four Fire Force personnel and one KSE employee in Thrissur were also infected.
The district-wise figures of patients who tested negative are 151 from Ernakulam district, 108 in Kannur district, 101 from Thiruvananthapuram district, 96 in Idukki district, 81 from Pathanamthitta district, 74 in Kottayam district, 68 from Kasaragod district, 66 in Kozhikode district, 63 from Palakkad district, 54 in Kollam district, 49 from Alappuzha district, 24 in Malappuram district, 21 from Wayanad district and 12 in Thrissur district. So far, 7,564 patients have been cured of Covid in Kerala and presently, 9,371 are undergoing treatment.
1,56,767 people under surveillance in various districts of the state, 1,47,470 under observation at their homes or institutional quarantine centres and 9,297 in hospitals. 1,346 persons were hospitalised today.
25,160 samples were tested in the last 24 hours. A total of 6,35,272 samples have so far been sent for testing and the results of 9,185 samples are awaited. 1,09,635 samples were collected from priority groups as part of Sentinel Surveillance and of these, 1,05,433 samples were negative.
38 new places were declared as hotspots today and 16 were excluded from the list. The total number of hotspots in the State is now 453.

Kerala third in India in Covid testing with test positivity of only 2.6% 
Kerala Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today informed that the State ranks third in India in terms of Covid testing. “In terms of testing, Kerala ranks third in terms of the scientific method of test per million by case per million. The test positivity in the state is only 2.6 per cent. According to the WHO, less than 5% of cases means the situation is under control. Today, the number of new cases has dropped to less than a thousand. Even though the number of recoveries was more, the situation in many parts of the state requires more caution”, the Chief Minister said.
Although Covid19 was first reported in India in Kerala as early in January, meticulous interventions have helped to reduce the virus outbreak and reduce mortality. In the first two stages, the infection spread was effectively prevented. The third stage was expected. “It was out achievement that we could reduce the number of deaths. The case fatality rate is 0.31%. As of yesterday, 16,110 people had been infected and the death toll was only 50”, he added.
The State has gradually increased the testing facilities. Starting with just one lab, today RTPCR testing facilities are available at 25 locations, including 15 government labs and eight private labs. True NAT testing is conducted at 19 government labs and 15 private labs, CB NAT testing at six government labs and nine private labs. There are also 10 labs for airports and clusters antigen testing. Currently, various Covid tests are being performed in 84 labs. Steps are being taken to set up eight more government labs. Accredited private labs are also allowed to test.
Initially, just fewer than 100 tests were being conducted daily. Now it has been ramped up to more than 25,000, depending on the outbreak of the disease. In the last 24 hours, 25,160 samples were tested. So far, a total of 6,35,272 samples have so far been sent for testing, including routine samples, Airport Surveillance, Pooled Sentinel, CBNAT, Trunat, CLIA and Antigen Assay.
The CM also informed that there is enough stock of kits for 30 days. More kits will be procured through KMSCL in case of shortage.

Good progress in setting up Covid First-Line Treatment Centres 
Covid First-Line Treatment Centres (CFLTCs) are being set up in all the districts in the State as the numbers of patients are increasing. CFLTCs are public health centres specially designed to combat Kovid spread. Test positive persons with mild or no symptoms are treated at First-Line Treatment Centres. This will reduce congestion in hospitals and provide better treatment.
Briefing media, the Chief Minister said, “CFLTCs are set up in three phases. The first phase will have 86 CFLTCs with 11,284 beds; the second phase, 253 CFLTCs with 30,598 beds and in the third phase, 36,400 beds in 480 CFLTCs. New centres are being set up every day. The manpower for these CFLTCs is also being mobilised.”
Employees are being set up based on Pool I, Pool II and Pool III. In Pool I, about 30,000 employees are already selected and assigned to the respective districts. The District Collector and the District Medical Officer will appoint them to the required CFLTCs. More than 50,000 employees have been identified for Pool II & III. Arrangements are being made for additional resources.
The CM also disclosed that discussions were held with 1,129 private hospitals managements. In the first phase, about 200 hospitals have come forward and their services will also be used in CFLTCs if required.