Press Release:29-07-2020

Kerala Covid-19 Tracker: 903 new cases & 641 recoveries today, 10,350 patients under treatment
19 new hotspots, total 492

903 people in Kerala tested positive for Covid-19 today while 641 patients under treatment have tested negative. 706 people were infected through contact and the contact source of 35 unknown. 90 of those diagnosed today are returnees from overseas and 71 from other states.

One death was also reported, 67 year old Kutty Hassan from Malappuram district, taking the Covid related death toll in the State to 68.

213 persons from Thiruvananthapuram district, 87 in Malappuram district, 84 from Kollam district, 83 in Ernakulam district, 67 from Kozhikode district, 54 in Pathanamthitta district, 49 each from Palakkad and Kasaragod districts, 43 in Wayanad district, 42 from Kannur district, 38 in Alappuzha district, 34 from Idukki district, 31 in Thrissur district and 29 from Kottayam district are those confirmed with Coronavirus infection.

The district-wise figures of the contact cases are 198 in Thiruvananthapuram district, 77 in Kollam district, 60 in Kozhikode district, 58 in Ernakulam district, 52 in Malappuram district, 43 in Wayanad district, 39 in Pathanamthitta district, 33 in Alappuzha district, 32 in Kasaragod district, 27 in Kottayam district, 25 in Idukki district, 22 each in Thrissur and Kannur districts and 18 in Palakkad district.

30 healthcare workers were also infected by the disease – 10 each in Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur districts, six from Ernakulam district and one each in Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Kozhikode and Kasaragod districts. Two KSE employees and a KLF employee in Thrissur District are among those infected.

146 patients from Kollam district, 126 in Thiruvananthapuram district, 58 from Ernakulam district, 56 in Thrissur district, 41 from Pathanamthitta district, 36 in Kasaragod district, 35 from Alappuzha district, 34 in Malappuram district, 30 from Kozhikode district, 28 in Kottayam district, 20 from Idukki district, 19 in Palakkad district, nine from Wayanad district and three in Kannur district are those who recovered. So far 11,369 people have been cured of Covid and 10,350 patients are still undergoing treatment.

There are at present 1,47,132 people under observation across the state, 1,37,075 in home or institutional quarantine and 10,057 isolated at hospitals. 1,475 persons were hospitalised today.

23,924 samples were tested during the last 24 hours. Till now, a total of 7,33,413 samples have been sent for testing and of these, the results of 7,037 samples are awaited. As part of Sentinel Surveillance, 1,19,019 samples were collected from priority groups including health workers, guest workers, and individuals with greater social contact and 1,14,666 samples were confirmed with no infection.

There are 19 new hotspots and 13 places were excluded. There are now 492 hotspots in Kerala.