Press Release:24-09-2020

Kerala Covid-19 Tracker
6,324 new cases & 3,168 recoveries today, total 45,919 patients under treatment
54, 989 tests in the last 24 hours

Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan has informed that 6,324 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Kerala today. Presently, there are 45,919 patients under treatment. 5,321 are cases of local transmission with the contact source unknown in 628 (total 5,949 contact cases). 105 healthcare workers were infected through contact. At the same time, 3,168 patients have recovered from the disease today.
While giving the details, the Chief Minister said, “The rising numbers show that we are moving to a serious situation in the State. The maximum number of new cases today was reported from Kozhikode district.”
21 deaths were reported today as due to Covid taking the death toll to 613. The deceased are Alby (20), Thankappan (70), Sasi (60), Vasudevan (75), Dr M S Abdeen (72), Omana (62), Sasi (74), Sushila (60), Sreekumaran Nair (67), Robert (72) & Rahiya Beevi (56) from Thiruvananthapuram district, Kathira Mathew (88) from Thrissur district, Abdurahman (79) from Kozhikode district, V D Shaju (53) from Ernakulam district and Abdul Rahim (68), Bhargavan Nair (72), Surabhidas (21), Thresyamma Chacko (66), Shantamma (66), Ponnamma (64) & Mohandas (74) from Alappuzha district.
The district-wise figures for the new positive cases today are Kozhikode 883, Thiruvananthapuram 875, Malappuram 763, Ernakulam 590, Thrissur 474, Alappuzha 453, Kollam 440, Kannur 406, Palakkad 353, Kottayam 341, Kasaragod 300, Pathanamthitta 189, Idukki 151 and Wayanad 106. Of those diagnosed today, 44 have come back from foreign countries and 226 from other states.
The count of those infected through contact from the districts are Kozhikode 849, Thiruvananthapuram 842, Malappuram 741, Ernakulam 569, Thrissur 465, Alappuzha 407, Kollam 436, Kannur 352, Palakkad 340, Kottayam 338, Kasaragod 270, Pathanamthitta 144, Idukki 102 and Wayanad 94.
The numbers for the infected healthcare workers in the districts are Thiruvananthapuram 28, Kannur 19, Kasaragod 13, Malappuram 9, Thrissur 8, Ernakulam & Kozhikode 7 each, Pathanamthitta 6, Wayanad 4, Alappuzha 2 and Kollam & Palakkad 1 each.
The district-wise numbers of the patients who tested negative today are Thiruvananthapuram 296, Kollam 195, Pathanamthitta 99, Alappuzha 183, Kottayam 130, Idukki 61, Ernakulam 248, Thrissur 327, Palakkad 114, Malappuram 513, Kozhikode 308, Wayanad 105, Kannur 431 and Kasaragod 158. So far, 1,07,850 people have recovered from Coronavirus in the State.
There are a total of 2,12,318 people under observation in various districts of the state, 1,85,198 at their homes or institutional quarantine centres and 27,120 in hospitals. 3,341 people were admitted to the hospitals today.
Meanwhile, the number of tests being conducted has increased. 54,989 samples were analysed during the last 24 hours. Till now, a total of 26,00,359 samples have been sent for testing, including 1,99,390 samples from high exposure groups as part of Sentinel Surveillance.
22 new places were declared as hotspots today while 8 were exempted. There are currently 654 hotspots in Kerala.

CM launches construction of 29 housing complexes under Life mission 
Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today said that the government will not abandon any development project that benefits the people for fear of allegations. He was speaking after inaugurating online the construction work of 29 housing complexes as part of the Life Mission, the state government’s comprehensive housing security scheme.
In this address, the Chief Minister said, “The government is working to provide housing and better living conditions for the homeless. But those who do not like such gains are trying to ridicule and undermine it. The government was not going to abandon any development projects fearing allegations. The dream of an own home will come true when the new housing complexes for 1,285 families are completed. It is not just a house, it offers new life to the residents. There are many unfortunate ones who cannot make their dream of a home a reality.”
This government came up with the Life project to ensure that no one should be homeless in the state. As a result, 2,26,518 houses have already been completed. There was good cooperation from the people. The local bodies have also done a good job in this regard. At present, the construction of housing for one and a half lakh people is in progress.
The support from the Co-operation Department was valuable for the implementation of the care home project. The Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Department and the Fisheries Department have also cooperated well to complete the houses. That is how the government was able to make the construction of houses for Rs 8,068 crores a reality in the State.
A total of 1,35,769 beneficiaries have been identified as eligible in the third phase of Life project, which aims to rehabilitate the landless homeless. Of them, houses for 1,765 families have been completed. In Idukki Adimali, a housing complex with 217 apartments has been constructed on a pilot basis and handed over to Adimali Panchayat. There are 163 beneficiaries living there. In addition, the complex has a primary health centre, an anganwadi and livelihood facilities for the residents.
The construction of 101 housing units in different districts is expected to be completed within the next year. Of these, the work of 12 flat complexes is progressing rapidly.
“The applications for the Life project were selected in a transparent manner and procedures were completed. The government decided to give another chance to all those who were not covered in all three phases of the project. More than eight lakh applications were received and the government intends to prepare a list of beneficiaries transparently and provide housing to the deserving ones”, the CM said.
These will be built in line with the government’s Green Protocol policy. The government has started the construction of the third phase of the Life project keeping in view the changing situation in Kerala where floods and landslides are recurring. Prefab technology will be used in these constructions along with the concrete construction method.

Free grocery scheme to continue so that no one goes hungry in Kerala: CM
Kerala Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today announced that the distribution of the free grocery kits will continue for another four months as a result of the government’s firm decision that no one in the State should go hungry during the Covid crisis.
The Chief Minister said this during the online inauguration of the state-wide distribution of free grocery kits to 88 lakhs ration cardholders. The scheme will continue until December. “The Covid pandemic has adversely affected everyone in the State. That’s the reason all ration cardholders are being provided with essential food kits. Similar grocery food kits were distributed in the initial stages of Covid outbreak and during the Onam season. Rice is also distributed through ration shops. Supplyco, Consumerfed and Horticorp provide discounted items of daily need.”
The government has already announced several schemes to achieve self-sufficiency in various sectors of the state. “The upkeep of one crore fruit tree saplings is progressing well. 1,337 greenhouses for agriculture were built as against the target of 1,000. Livestock and fish farming are doing well. By setting a floor price for vegetables, farmers can set an accurate price for their produce. The country needs unity and cooperation in times of crisis”, the CM added.
The free grocery kit contains one kilogram of sugar, atta & salt, 750 grams of black gram (chana) & yellow lentils (moong dal), 250 grams of sambar (toor dal), half a litre of coconut oil and 100 grams of chilli powder. The distribution of kits will be done according to a schedule based on the last digit of the ration card. The distribution for all the cards will be completed by October 15.