Press Release:10-10-2020

Kerala Covid-19 Tracker:
11,755 new cases & 7,570 recoveries today
Total 95, 918 patients under treatment
66,228 tests in last 24 hours

Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan has informed that 11,755 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Kerala today and at present, there are 95,918 patients undergoing treatment for the same. 10,471 are cases of infection through contact and the source of infection was unknown in 952 cases. There are 116 healthcare workers among those infected. At the same time, 7,570 patients have recovered today from Coronavirus infection in the State.

23 deaths were confirmed today as due to Covid. The deceased are Aisha Beevi (51), S P Nathan (79), Abdul Hasan Hameed (70), Parukutty (82), Sainulabdeen (60), Peter (63), Mohammad Shanavas (47), Krishnamma (76) & Sumathi (61) from Thiruvananthapuram district; Vijayan (76) & George Kutty (53) from Kollam district; Josy (77), Nabeesa (78), Pathumma Ali (86), K P Prakashan (64), K G Thomas (64), M K Muhammad (97), Satyabhama (55) & Sheela Peter (67) from Ernakulam district, Papayamma (50) from Palakkad district, Beeru (65) from Malappuram district, and Priyesh (39) & Aboobacker (85) from Kannur district. This takes the Covid related deaths in the State to 978.

The district-wise figures for those who tested positive today are Malappuram 1,632, Kozhikode 1,324, Thiruvananthapuram 1,310, Thrissur 1,208, Ernakulam 1,191, Kollam 1,107, Alappuzha 843, Kannur 727, Palakkad 677, Kasargod 539, Kottayam 523, Pathanamthitta 348, Wayanad 187 and Idukki 139. Of those diagnosed, 40 have come back from foreign countries and 169 from other states.

The numbers of the locally transmitted cases from the districts are Malappuram 1,580, Kozhikode 1,249, Thiruvananthapuram 1,062, Thrissur 1,208, Ernakulam 979, Kollam 1083, Alappuzha 825, Kannur 542, Palakkad 383, Kasaragod 516, Kottayam 515, Pathanamthitta 270, Wayanad 176 and Idukki 83.

The count of the infected healthcare workers from the districts are Kannur 25, Thiruvananthapuram 20, Kozhikode 19, Ernakulam 14, Kollam 10, Alappuzha 8, Malappuram 7, Kottayam 5, Pathanamthitta 4, Wayanad 2, and Palakkad & Kasaragod 1 each.

The district-wise tally of the patients who tested negative today are Thiruvananthapuram 905, Kollam 1,022, Pathanamthitta 209, Alappuzha 526, Kottayam 173, Idukki 57, Ernakulam 983, Thrissur 510, Palakkad 396, Malappuram 1,061, Kozhikode 965, Wayanad 130, Kannur 337 and Kasaragod 296. So far, 1,82,874 people have recovered from Covid in the State.

There are a total of 2,80,387 persons under isolation in various districts of the state, 2,51,714 at their homes or institutional quarantine centres and 28,673 in hospitals. 3,888 people were admitted to the hospitals today.

66,228 samples were tested during the last 24 hours. Till now, a total of 34,38,678 samples have been sent for testing, including 2,12,688 samples from high public exposure groups as part of Sentinel Surveillance.

11 new places were demarcated as hotspots today while 40 areas were excluded. There are currently 665 hotspots in Kerala.
All local bodies to get sanitation status during this government’s tenure: CM
589 local bodies in Kerala get sanitation status

Kerala Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today announced that the government aims to bring all the local bodies in the state to sanitation status and most of the local bodies to full sanitation status during this tenure itself. The CM said this while declaring the sanitation status for 589 local bodies in the State through video-conferencing.

In his address, the Chief Minister said, “All local bodies should keep in mind that cleanliness is their primary responsibility. The government has decided to give sanitation status to the local bodies which have provided the best infrastructure for solid waste treatment and then full sanitation status for the preparation of complete waste treatment including liquid and gaseous waste. As part of the 100-day action plan, it was estimated that 250 local bodies would be rehabilitated in the first phase. But it is a great achievement that more than twice as many local bodies have been able to reach this position. 501 Grama Panchayats, 58 Municipalities and 30 Block Panchayats have been upgraded to sanitation status.”

When this government came to power, the State did not have a comprehensive plan to deal with bio-inorganic and e-waste. The government has taken on the important task of resolving this issue. As part of this, various waste treatment methods were implemented through Haritha Kerala Mission.

The Haritha Karma Sena (Green Task Force) was formed under the leadership of Kudumbasree for the collection of non-organic waste including plastic. At present, there are 1,551 entrepreneurial groups of Haritha Karma Sena in 850 Grama Panchayats and 88 Municipalities. With the completion of the network for sorting and recycling the inorganic wastes collected by them and handing them over to the Clean Kerala Company, the waste problem has been solved to a large extent. Clean Kerala e-waste collection has also been started. However, the CM added that centralized treatment plants are needed to treat certain types of waste.

Under the leadership of the Local Self Government Department, Haritha Kerala Mission, Suchitwa Mission, Clean Kerala Company, Kudumbasree and Employment Guarantee Mission jointly developed the procedures for the selection of LSG bodies for excellence in solid waste management.

Scientific solid waste treatment is now being fully implemented in more than half of the state’s land area through the achievements of the local bodies. The government has set a 20-point code of conduct for the disposal of bio-waste at source, setting up of facilities for treatment of inorganic waste, setting up of a green task force for storage of inorganic waste and preparation of material collection facility for storage, decontamination of public places and implementation of the green protocol at government offices, public and private functions. LSG bodies which get more than 60 marks out of 100 are eligible for the sanitation status.