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Letter to Union Minister of Road Transport, Highways and Shipping

Dear Sri. Nitin Gadkariji,

I am very happy to know that you have taken the lead in implementing the new large dry dock project at Cochin Shipyard premises at Kochi. As the project is of national importance and will help in substantial development of the region, the State Government assures full support to the venture. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister of UAE

Hon’ble Prime Minister,

May I take this opportunity to place on record the deep appreciation of the people of Kerala for the exemplary effort on the part of the Airport security team of the Dubai Internal Airport consequent to the fire incident on the ill fated Emirate Flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Dubai the other day. (more…)

Letter to the President of India

Respected Rashtrapatiji,

It is with immense happiness that I invite you to inaugurate the 77th Session of Indian History Congress, which is slated to be hosted by both the Kerala Government and University of Kerala, during the last week of December 2016 (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers

Sri. Ananth Kumarji,

Through this letter, I wish to bring to your kind notice certain important developmental matters of Kerala pertaining to the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers with a request for your personal intervention to resolve these for a favourable and timely action. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of External Affairs

Dear Sushma Swarajji,

I would like to bring to your notice the pitiable plight of a Keralite who has been languishing in Suadi Jail for more than five months. Mr. Sreekumar, who worked with Almanama hospital, Alcobar, Saudi Arabia as a Staff Nurse was arrested in March 2016 following a complaint registered by a Saudi citizen. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Sri. Narendra Modiji,

Cashew processing is a major traditional industry of Kerala, fetching a foreign exchange earning to the country to the tune of 5500 Crores in 2014-15 and providing employment to three lakh people, mostly women. Off late, cashew cultivation and processing spread to other areas of India as well like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa etc. The sector is facing a number of challenges affecting the viability of the industry both in public and private sectors. Unless the challenges are addressed, it may endanger the survival of the industry itself. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers

Dear Sri. Ananth Kumarji,

Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd (HOCL) has a unit in Kerala, which produces Phenol, Acetone and Hydrogen Peroxide. Consequent to the decision to exempt import duty for Phenol and Acetone in 2012 the Kochi unit became a loss making one. It may be noted that, the Kochi unit started functioning since 1987 and has been consistently making profits till the above import duty exemption. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Civil Aviation

Dear Sri. Ashok Gajapathi Rajuji,

Kannur International Airport Project is a highly capital intensive project with an investment of Rs 1892 crores being built by Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL). This is a Greenfield Airport in a place where there was no Airport previously. Being a new airport it is imperative that the Airport needs to attract airlines and passengers. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Sri. Narendra Modiji,

With reference to the announcement made by the Honorable Union Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers to set up Pharma Park in Kerala, we are grateful to be considered as one of the 6 Pharma Parks to be established in the country. Kerala is a major consumer of pharma products, with 17% by value of the national consumption whereas the production in the state is less than 0.5% which is quite insignificant compared to the demand. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers

Dear Sri. Ananth Kumarji,

This is in continuation to the letter written by our Hon’ble Minister for Industries, Commerce and Sports on the captioned subject matter. The state has submitted a proposal, vide Principal Secretary’s (Industries) letter to the Director, Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers, Government of India, for setting up a Plastic Park in 40 acres of land already in the possession of Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA), the state implementing agency for the development of industrial infrastructure. (more…)