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Letter to Union Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises

Dear Sri. Anant Gangaram Geeteji,

Kind attention is invited to the D.O. Letter No. 27349/J1/2015/ID, dated 17/02/216 communicating in principle approval of the State Government for the take over of the Palakkad unit of Instrumentation Limited. To expedite this process takeover, my Government has constituted an official Committee headed by the Chief Secretary, and Secretaries of Finance, Planning and Industries as members, to work out the modalities of takeover of the Unit. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Rural Development

Dear Sri. Chaudhary Birender Singhji,

The State of Kerala has been sanctioned a road length of 789 km under New Connectivity and 2,923 km under upgradation. However, it is obvious that considering the rural road network in the State and the intensity of population in the Rural Areas, the State has lost heavily in terms of road length in kilometers. While preparing the core network under PMSGY a decade ago, there was some misunderstanding regarding the terms Through Route and Link Route. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Rural Development

Dear Sri. Chaudhary Birender Singhji,

As you are aware, sharing pattern of funds for PMGSY has been 100% from Central Government till November 2015. As per the advisory of the Ministry dated 20th November 2015, the funding pattern of the States, including Kerala would be 60:40 and this funding pattern would be applicable for ongoing ad new works with effect from the year 2015-16. This puts Kerala in a difficult position as the Ministry had sanctioned 415 road works covering 1012 KM length amounting to Rs. 690 crore to Kerala in the year 2013-14 and no funds were released to the State doing the years 2013-14 and 2014-15. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Urban Development

Dear Sri. P. Venkaiah Naiduji,

On the eve of the first anniversary of Smart Cities Mission, I congratulate and appreciate the Ministry of Urban Development for introducing the Smart Cities Mission to develop light house cities to catalyze smart and sustainable urban growth across the nation. Cities challenge is a novel concept and we are proud of Kochi winning in the first round of the Smart Cities Challenge. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Road Transport, Highways and Shipping

Dear Sri. Nitin Gadkariji,

I have received a representation submitted by Sri.K.K. Ragesh, M.P (Rajyasabha) regarding modernisation of Chirakkuni Andalur Parapram Moonu Periya – Chakkarakkal Choola Kanjiroad Kudukkimotta Kanalpalam Cheruvathalamotta – Mayyil Road under CRF Project. (more…)