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House reconstruction in post-flood Kerala

The foremost priority of the ongoing post flood reconstruction programme in Kerala is the reconstruction of damaged houses. Till now, the construction of 6424 houses has been completed. 3425 houses are in the last phase of construction. A total of 307.82 crores has been allotted for the same till date.

House reconstruction in post-flood Kerala is making impressive progress !

Construction of flood resilient houses has been the hallmark of the house reconstruction programme in post-flood Kerala. The idea mooted by the Pinarayi Vijayan government has now materialised in the districts of Alappey and Pathanamthitta.  Constructing houses in low lying areas on raised platforms is the strategy employed for the same.

The story of a house built with Government aid

The survival from the disastrous floods is also a picture of our land’s unity and determination. Those who had lost everything are recovering from the floods with the help of government. The story that Nilamthodi Pathamavathi Amma, from Malappuram, has is that of house rebuilt within six months after it was completely wrecked by the floods.