Electoral History

Pinarayi Vijayan has won five elections to the Kerala legislative assembly. Three of those elections (in 1970, 1977 and 1991) were from Koothuparamba constituency in Kannur district. In 1996, he was elected from Payyannur and in 2016 he won the elections from Dharmadom.

Koothuparamba (1970)

In the elections held in 1970, Pinarayi Vijayan contested from the Koothuparamba constituency as the CPI(M) candidate. Thayath Raghavan of Praja Socialist Party, P. Balagangadharan of Indian National Congress (Organization) and independent candidate K. C. Nandanan were the other candidates who contested with him. About 77.25% of the total electorate recorded their votes in this election. Pinarayi Vijayan defeated Thayath Raghavan of PSP by a margin of 743 votes in this election, securing 46.72% of the total votes polled.

Valid votes59096
Polling Percentage77.25%
CandidatePartyVotesVote Share
Pinarayi VijayanCPI(M)2828146.72%
Thayath RaghavanPSP2753845.49%
P. BalagangadharanINC(O)42977.1%
K. C. NandananIndependent4220.7%

Koothuparamba (1977)

The next elections to the Kerala legislative assembly was delayed because of the national emergency declared by Indira Gandhi, which resulted in the suspension of all democratic processes in the country. The elections were held in 1977, after the emergency was retracted. Pinarayi Vijayan contested from Koothuparamba. Apart from him, Abdulkader M. of Revolutionary Socialist Party and an independent candidate, P. V. Prabhakaran contested in the election. Polling percentage slightly rose to 78.29%. Pinarayi Vijayan secured 52.6% of all the polled votes to win by a margin of 4401 votes over his next opponent, Abdulkader M. of RSP.

Valid votes65874
Polling Percentage78.29%
CandidatePartyVotesVote Share
Pinarayi VijayanCPI(M)3446552.6%
Abdulkader M.RSP3006445.89%
P. V. PrabhakaranIndependent9891.51%

Koothuparamba (1991)

After a gap of 14 years, Pinarayi Vijayan contested once again from Koothuparamba legislative assembly constituency in 1991. V. Ramakrishnan of Indian National Congress, Eaakkad Premarajan of Bharathiya Janatha Party and independent candidate Ambilad Mohanan were his opponents. 73.37% of the total electorate recorded their votes. Pinarayi Vijayan defeated P. Ramakrishnan by a margin of 13060 votes and secured 53.43% of the total votes polled.

Valid votes100771
Polling Percentage73.37%
CandidatePartyVotesVote Share
Pinarayi VijayanCPI(M)5884253.43%
P. RamakrishnanINC4578241.57%
Eaakkad PremarajanBJP49864.53%
Ambilad MohananIndependent5190.47%

Payyannur (1996)

In 1996, Pinarayi Vijayan sought the people’s verdict from Payyannur legislative assembly constituency. K. N. Kannoth of Indian National Congress, K. Ramachandran of BJP and three independent candidates – M. Kesavan Nampoothiri, C. P. Abdul Shukkoor, Narayanan Paleri – were his opponents. The polling percentage was 73.41%. Pinarayi Vijayan won the elections securing 59.42% of the total polled votes by a margin of 28078 votes.

Valid votes111573
Polling Percentage73.41%
CandidatePartyVotesVote Share
Pinarayi VijayanCPI(M)7087059.42%
K. N. KannothINC4279235.88%
K. RamachandranBJP45773.84%
M. Kesavan NampoothiriIndependent4930.41%
C. P. Abdul ShukkoorIndependent3430.29%
Narayanan PaleriIndependent1890.16%

Dharmadom (2016)

The election at Dharmadom legislative constituency in 2016 marked the return of the Pinarayi Vijayan who was focusing on organizational matters since 1998, to electoral politics. Mambaram Divakaran of Congress, Mohanan Manantheri, Tharammal Niyaz of Social Democratic Party of India and two independent candidates – Divakaran M. Thiruvathira, Divakaran Moottil House – were his opponents. Polling percentage was 84.3%. Pinarayi Vijayan secured 56.84% of the total votes polled, defeating Mambaram Divakaran by a margin of 36905 votes.

Polling Percentage84.3%
CandidatePartyVotesVote Share
Pinarayi VijayanCPI(M)8732956.84
Mambaram DivakaranINC5042432.82
Mohanan ManatheriBJP127638.31
Tharammal NiyazSDPI19941.3
Divakaran M. ThiruvathiraIndependent3540.23
Divakaran Moottil HouseIndependent1480.1