Open Defecation Free

Kerala will soon become the first big state which has toilets for 100% of its population. By providing toilets for everyone in a region, the programme aims to make that area open defecation free.

It has been ascertained that in the 941 panchayats in the state, domestic toilets will be needed for 2 lakh households. Though 51 panchayats have already been declared ODF, it is not possible to make all regions ODF as quickly as that. 39,120 toilets are needed in critical areas like hills, rocks, wetlands & coastal areas. An additional expense of Rs. 99 Crores is expected to complete the project in a time bound manner. The additional costs have to be met through government grants and CSR funds of public and private firms.

Our immediate aim is to ensure that 100% of Kerala’s houses have a toilet by the 60th anniversary of Kerala Piravi. Toilets have been constructed for more than 30,000 families by now. It is expected that the Prime Minister will declare Kerala to be ODF on 1 November 2016.