Social Welfare

Welfare pensions our society’s way of caring for our destitute and distressed population. All welfare pensions have been increased to Rs. 1000 per month and have been disbursed to benefactors at their homes, including arrears. Rs. 3100 crore is being issued at the increased rate with effect from June 2016, through 5 types of pensions to 37 lakh pensioners at their doorsteps before Onam. The government is happy that we could fulfill the dreams of many old aged people by making pension to them at their homes within such a short time period. Rs. 50 crore is being allocated to alleviate the distress of debt ridden workers in the fishing industry. Measures have been taken to raise the minimum wages of 13000 Khadi workers as well as to establish a Khadi Village. Our consciousness does not allow us to overlook the hardships faced by the multitude who have availed loans from various Government institutions. A comprehensive loan waiver scheme is being implemented to provide solace to around 10,000 families. A moratorium has been declared on the debts taken by the Endosulfan victims as well.