Letter to the Minister of External Affairs (ID Card to Norka Roots)

Dear Smt. Sushmaji,

I would like to invite your kind attention to my D.O. Letter No. 273/17/CM dated 25.3.2017 (copy enclosed) regarding the issue of ID Card to NORKA Roots to function as authorized agency for the purpose of attestation of certificates of education submitted to the Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in New Delhi. Presently Consulates of UAE, Oman and Kuwait have empanelled NORKA Roots for the purpose. NORKA Roots has also been approved by the Ministry of Health of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a recruitment agency for recruiting medical professionals from 14th March 2017 onwards.

Government of India had limited the recruitment only through State run agencies, one of which is Norka Roots, in the aftermath of numerous complaints by unscrupulous and unlicensed recruiting agents who were charging exorbitant amounts from the candidates. In this situation, it is highly essential that Norka Roots also be empanelled by Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in New Delhi for purposes of attestation of educational documents.

I request your goodself, kindly to issue necessary direction to the concerned to take up the matter with Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in New Delhi to authorize Norka Roots as an attestation agency for education certification to be submitted to the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,


Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs,
Government of India,
South Block, New Delhi-110011.