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A Mission with Green Vision

The State government has formulated Haritha Keralam Mission with the slogan – Pachayiloode Vrithiyilekku (towards cleanliness through green”) aimed at creating a new Kerala. It is an effort to deal with some of the contemporary challenges the State is facing. The problem of solid and biodegradable waste has become grave to the extent of posing a major threat to the State. The rivers, streams and ponds which used to be abundant in water seems to be crying for water to quench their thirst. Contamination of water sources poses a big threat of the spread of infectious diseases.

Unplanned and haphazard construction activities, exploitation of nature have adversely affected living conditions. Along with toxic vegetables around, the picture of the challenges faced by environment in the State becomes clear. We will not be able to move forward on the path of development without addressing these challenges. (more…)

Let us make a Green Kerala

The Haritha Keralam Mission, one of the flagship projects of government of Kerala, has been dedicated to the people. The sole aim of this project is to make A Nava Kerala (A new Kerala). In every local self government body in Kerala, at least one development activity was initiated in areas such as cleanliness, water conservation, agricultural development and environmental protection. Various developmental activities started at schools and other institutions. People from all walks of life, from children to noted people, took part in these activities throughout Kerala.

Our state has been gifted with Nature’s plenty. At the national level, ours is the best human resource power. So is the survival index. (more…)