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Letter to Minister of State for Communications

Dear Manoj Sinhaji,

As you may be aware late Sri. C. Kesavan was one of the leading freedom fighters of Kerala. He later became the Chief Minister of Travancore-Cochin in 1951. Hailing from a backward community, he established his credentials as a popular political leader, accepted by one and all and as a far sighted statesman who (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Food & Public Distribution

Dear Ram Vilas Paswanji,

It is rather unfortunate that despite our repeated requests, we have been told that there is no proposal to continue the additional BPL and APL allocation beyond June 2016. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Narendra Modiji,

Hindustan Newsprint Limited which is a subsidiary of Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd had been performing excellently and maintained the commendable track record in terms of production, productivity and profitability until recent past. However, no major expansions were carried out during its entire period of existence (more…)

Letter to Union Minister of Finance

Dear Arun Jaitleyji,

I am happy to understand that the GST amendment bill has been passed by Lok Sabha though the process of amendment has taken more than 5 years. Kerala State has been one of the forerunners in supporting the constitutional amendment for the introduction of GST in the country for equitable distribution of revenue to Kerala. Kerala has been spending huge amount of its revenue on Health, Education, and Infrastructure. As social indicators prove, it tops in the list as far as its achievement within the country among all States. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Narendra Modiji,

Kannur International Airport project has been taken up by the Government of Kerala as a Public-Private Partnership project. Government of Kerala along with Central and State PSUs hold 70% of the stake in the company. Construction of the airport has made substantial progress with the airport due for commissioning around the middle of 2017. (more…)

Letter to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Dear Selvi Dr. Jayalalithaa ji,

I am sure you appreciate the severe water stress prevailing in Palakkad district and the resultant distress of the farmers of the region due to the shortfall in the South West Monsoons. The release of water by the State of Tamil Nadu as stipulated in the Parambikulam – Aliyar Project Agreement has become absolutely imperative to mitigate the unprecedented drought, save the withering crops and provide relief to the distressed farmers. (more…)

Letter to Union Minister for Women and Child Development

Dear Smt. Maneka Gandhiji,

Kind attention is invited to your letter regarding the issues pertaining to Captive Elephants. In Kerala, the State Government is already running four Centres for Captive Elephants. Kottur, Konni. Kaprikad and Wayanad. Thirty one captive elephants are housed in all these four centres. The Mahouts are given periodical training to take care of the captive elephants. Government would be very happy to expand these centres depending upon the requirements. If need be, Government would open new centres to protect captive elephants. (more…)