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The Green Perspective

Offlate, frequent droughts, rapid outbreak of communicable diseases, increase in instances of cancer, infertility and birth deformities have been creating headlines in Kerala and it can be attributed to unscientific natural resource management, uncontrolled use of pesticides and improper waste disposal. Reckless waste management and indiscriminate use of pesticides have become reasons for water pollution, toxic elements like cadmium, mercury and arsenic present in batteries, tubelights, pesticides etc are carried into
water bodies by rain water resulting in destruction of useful micro-organisms and living organisms like fish. It is in this backdrop, Government have launched Haritha Keralam mission to undertake scientific and sustainable development activities, for restoration of Kerala’s green canopy and ecological balance by promoting water and soil conservation activities, organic farming and proper waste management. The Water Resource Department has been designated as the nodal department for drinking water and irrigation activities. Agriculture department has been named as the nodal department for supporting organic farming. The Suchitwa Mission under the Local Self Government department shall provide necessary support to the LSGI’s in management of waste. (more…)

Let us make a Green Kerala

The Haritha Keralam Mission, one of the flagship projects of government of Kerala, has been dedicated to the people. The sole aim of this project is to make A Nava Kerala (A new Kerala). In every local self government body in Kerala, at least one development activity was initiated in areas such as cleanliness, water conservation, agricultural development and environmental protection. Various developmental activities started at schools and other institutions. People from all walks of life, from children to noted people, took part in these activities throughout Kerala.

Our state has been gifted with Nature’s plenty. At the national level, ours is the best human resource power. So is the survival index. (more…)