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CM’s Interview on Malicious Campaign against Kerala

The left-ruled Kerala is in the news for wrong reasons. Ties between the state and Centre vitiated after the murder of a RSS leader in the state capital. The RSS upped the ante seeking President’s rule and the Centre rushed finance minister Arun Jaitley to the state. After visiting the house of the latest victim the union minister said the cold-blooded political murders in the state even shame terrorists. Amid the war of words between red and saffron forces Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan spoke to the Hindustan Times. Excerpts:

Q: Why Kerala is in headlines now?

It is part of an orchestrated and malicious campaign. RSS and BJP are not only tarnishing the government but also insulting people of Kerala. Any sensible person can see through their game. Statistics show Kerala is just contrary to what they are trying to depict. As per the NCRB statistics, Kerala is the State where murder rates are lowest. (more…)