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Letter to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

Dear Sri. Chandrababu Naiduji,

As you know, Kerala is the first State which started cashew processing on industrial basis and export of processed Kernels. Now more than 10 lakh people meet their livelihood through cashew industry in the state and 98% of them are women. 800 cashew processing units in the state need 6 lakh MT of Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) every year. Domestic production is 80,000 MT only. The huge difference of Demand and Supply leads to exorbitant import and loss of foreign exchange to the exchequer of our nation. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Sri. Narendra Modiji,

Cashew processing is a major traditional industry of Kerala, fetching a foreign exchange earning to the country to the tune of 5500 Crores in 2014-15 and providing employment to three lakh people, mostly women. Off late, cashew cultivation and processing spread to other areas of India as well like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa etc. The sector is facing a number of challenges affecting the viability of the industry both in public and private sectors. Unless the challenges are addressed, it may endanger the survival of the industry itself. (more…)