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Letter to the Minister of State for Environment, Forests & Climate Change

Dear Shri. Anil Madhav Dave ji,

I would like to bring to your kind attention the urgency to finalise the draft notification of the Ministry dated 04/09/2015 before 04/03/2017 so as to bring to closure the concerns and apprehension of the people in the ESA villages listed in the draft notification of the Ministry dated 10/03/2014.

The primary objective of demarcating the ESA and non-ESA areas of the Western Ghats is to ensure protection and conservation of the natural landscape and to facilitate the sustainable development of the cultural landscape of non-ESA regions. Based on the report and the recommendations of the State, the Ministry accepted an area of 9993.7 sq. km forming part of ESA in Kerala as against 13108 sq. Km in 123 villages given in Dr Kasturirangan report (HLWG), while issuing the draft notification dated 10/03/2014. (more…)