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Taking development to Edamalakkudy

Walking the talk on inclusive development, the Left government in Kerala is taking development to the tribal hinterland of Kerala. Edamalakkudy in Idukki is the sole tribal village panchayat in Kerala. The tribes there belong to the Muthuvan gothra. The area has known no development mainly because no roads lead to this place where 2400 people live in some 26 settlements known as a kudi. Hence, they lack other basic amenities like health centre, electricity, telecom facilities as well. The Kerala government is planning for a comprehensive development project to improve the lives of the residents there.

The 26 kudis (settlements) in Edamalakkudy are spread inside the deep forest with no road access. Even the closest kudis are separated by many kilometers. The people of Edamalakkudy have to travel great distances even for official needs. The panchayat office which is now several kilometers away from the village will be relocated to the area. (more…)