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Letter to the Prime Minister- Endosulfan victims issue

Dear Shri. Narendra Modiji,

I would like to draw your kind attention to my earlier letters dated February 14, and October 30, 2017 regarding the need for central assistance for providing relief and rehabilitation of the Endosulfan victims of Kasaragod District, in Kerala.

The State has time and again been requesting for financial assistance of Rs. 483 crore from Centre as submitted in the State’s proposal in 2012. But no help has been forthcoming from the Central Government so far. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister (Prasar Bharati- Closing down Analog Transmission)

Dear Shri. Narendra Modiji,

Prasar Bharati has an extensive network for terrestrial transmission with more than 1400 transmitters. TRAI has asked Prasar Bharati to move over to Digital Terrestrial Transmission by 2023 and close down analogue transmission by then. You would appreciate that while satellite transmission has evolved as a major technology and is preferred over terrestrial transmission, in the event of cyber warfare etc, the satellite transmission can be jammed and disrupted. As such no country in the world has totally stopped terrestrial transmission, even while encouraging satellite transmission. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister (HMT Non Pensioners issue)

Dear Shri. Modiji,

I write this to draw your kind attention once again to a long pending grievance of 1058 retired employees of Hindustan Machine Tools, Kerala Unit at Kalamassery regarding their pension. My earlier letters on the same subject dated 07/02/2017 and 12/09/2017 are enclosed for ready reference.

The members of the HMT Non Pensioners’ Association joined the company in 1963 and served for a long time and have been demanding pension scheme other than EPF Pension Scheme, similar to other Central Government Institutions like Port Trust, BHEL that have the Pension Scheme. (more…)

Letter to the Prime Minister- (Hajj Pilgrims-Airport Authority of India)

Dear Shri. Narendra Modiji,

I write this to draw your kind attention to two important issues relating to Kozhikode International Airport for the early operation of wide bodied aircrafts from the Airport and declaration of the Airport as embarkation point for the travel of Hajj pilgrims.

Kozhikode International Airport was, until 2015, the embarkation point for Hajj pilgrims from Kerala, Lakshadweep and Mahe since more than 80% of the Hajj pilgrims are from the northern districts of Kerala. The office of the Kerala Hajj Committee which can accommodate 3000 pilgrims is located very close to the Airport. These facilities ensure pleasant stay and comfortable journey for the Hajj pilgrims. (more…)

Letter to Prime Minister (Rehabilitation of Endosulfan victims)

Dear Shri. Narendra Modiji,

I write this to draw your kind attention to my earlier letter of 14th February 2017 regarding Central Assistance for providing relief and rehabilitation for Endosulfan victims of Kasaragod District.

Various studies by institutions of repute in the country have indicated that indiscriminate and unscientific spraying of Endosulfan in Kasaragod District over two decades has resulted in the increased incidence of congenital disorders, mental retardation and multiple disabilities involving a total of nearly 5848 cases. (more…)

Letter to Prime Minister : Qatar

Dear Narendra Modiji,

I am writing this letter in the context of the developing geo-political situation in the Middle East today. As you are aware millions of Indians are working in Countries in the Middle East and therefore the geo-political developments in the region has raised deep concerns among the people in the state since each family has at least one family member or a relative in the region.

There are about 6.5 Lakh Indians in Qatar of which nearly three lakh people hail from Kerala, and I bring to your attention our concern regarding their safety and future of their employment and their engagement in Qatar. (more…)