Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Shri. Narendra Modiji,

As you are aware, Kasaragod, the northern most district of Kerala has been severely affected by aerial spraying of Endosulfan, now a notified persistent organic pollutant and highly hazardous pesticide. Endosulfan was sprayed aerially in this region for over 2 decades (1978 to 2001) by the Plantation Corporation of Kerala in full cognizance of CPCRI (Central Plantation Crops Research Institute) and other central and state government agencies and authorities. Ever since Endosulfan was found to be a serious threat, the issue of establishing an effective rehabilitation system for victims was demanded from different corners. Of late, many committees and scientific institutions like National Institute of Occupational Health under ICMR and Government Medical College, Calicut have studied this matter and have attributed aerial spraying of Endosulfan to the increased incidence of congenital disorders, Mental Retardation and Multiple disabilities in the (more…)