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Initiatives to Strengthen Kerala’s Public Health Care System

To safeguard the interests of the common people, the Government of Kerala has designed innovative policies to be followed in the public health sector. The standard of health services in Kerala has reached an impressive level compared to the rest of the states in India, which is also on par with that of the developed world. The state had pioneered Universal Health Care Services in the country and its palliative care service has largely been applauded. Kerala is also the only state to have a formal palliative care policy in the country. Infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, death rate and birth rate are the lowest in Kerala compared to the national average. The mission and vision of the LDF government in office underscores that it does not wish the state to step down from the pedestal on which it stands right now.

Sustainable Development Goals — Kerala 2020

The LDF manifesto had promised quality healthcare to all citizens and the integrated health care policy of the government in design, targets a primary health care system that can provide quality service at a lesser cost. (more…)