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Making a Contribution in Pravasis’ Lives

Malayalis are the among the world’s most explorative people. They have traveled far and wide. 2.2 Million Malayalis are currently working abroad and among them some 90% are in the GCC countries. Though they have made the world their home, they remain Malayalis at heart. Their contribution to the development of the State is invaluable, and it is only fair that the State government must make a contribution in their lives too.

The Left Democratic Front in the state is committed to the welfare of Non Resident Keralites. The state budget of 2017 is a prime indicator of the Government’s earnestness. Rs. 0.61 Billion was allocated to NORKA, Kerala government’s entity for delivering services to Pravasi Malayalis. Another Rs. 0.13 Billion was allocated to Santhwana fund providing emergency compassionate help for pravasis in distress, and Rs. 60 Million was allocated to their welfare fund. Pravasi pension was increased four fold from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000. (more…)