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Kerala, Scaling New Heights in Healthcare

Rarely we see a government sticking close to its manifesto and trying to implement almost all aspects of it within one year of its coming. The people friendly health policy laid down by first Kerala government under EMS has made significant contributions to the Kerala Model of Development, cutting down the mortality and morbidity rates of the population considerably. The trajectory set 60 years ago helped us achieving the health indices as high as those of the rich countries despite the low economic growth of India in general and Kerala in particular.

The LDF manifesto 2016 has broadly laid down the current government’s roadmap to governance. In the healthcare sector the 35 point pre-election manifesto the 21st and 22nd point is directly linked to healthcare. It talks about the need to review the staff pattern and double the number of doctors and nurses. Suggestions to efficiently use existing healthcare infra structure and building new ones to fill the gaps. Manifesto promised to bring facilities for Heart surgery and cath lab to the level of Taluk hospital and cancer check up facility at Taluk hospitals. On this first anniversary let us take a stock of what we had happened so far. (more…)